About Us

Gregory's Girls are three artists living in East Northamptonshire, who have all had the pleasure of attending classes run by the acclaimed botanical artist Norma Gregory.
Patti Boness

I rediscovered my love of painting after my husband brought me a small acrylic set which I took on holiday to Italy several years ago.
I am largely self taught and enjoy regularly attending workshops to learn new techniques and discover new mediums.
I was lucky to be able to take early retirement after 35 years working in banking which has enabled me to follow my passion for Art and Crafts. I started selling my slates at craft fairs and soon started expanding my range. When a stall became available at Newton Hall in Rushden I decided to join the lovely team of independent traders where my work is available Monday to Saturday.
I have recently starting using resin making sun catchers and have been experimenting with resin art which I am so excited by as each new thing leads to another idea.
My passion for Seahorses has been important to me and I have pledged to donate 10’/, of my Seahorse sales to The Seahorse Trust.
Without my wonderful husband Alan’s support none of this would be possible, he has learned along with me and now makes all my frames, cuts slate to size so we really are a team.

Molly Scarborough

I have enjoyed drawing for all of my life but it wasn't until about 2002 that I decided to try my hand at painting. Nervously, I booked a weekend course of botanical painting with Norma Gregory and began what has become a frustrating passion. Soon after that I joined her regular art course and have been introduced to many different art styles. As my confidence has grown I've been able to 'go it alone' and, using what I've learnt, have been able to begin to develop my own style. If there is a subject that I find interesting I try to pick a medium that will compliment that subject and because of this I produce an eclectic mix of pictures. A sample of these styles can be seen on this website along with the crafts I am now producing.

I was born in Higham Ferrers and have lived in Rushden for many years with my wonderful family, and I have therefore got very deep roots that run along the Nene (Nen!) Valley. I feel that we are exceptionally lucky to live in a lovely county and a beautiful country. It's my greatest wish to see more of it and to be inspired.

It should be possible to produce prints from most of my art that you see here so please do get in touch using

Carol Puddephatt

I've been trying to paint with watercolour for years, under the expert tuition of RHS gold award winning artist, Norma Gregory. The depth of colour I wished to capture eluded me all too often, until I picked up a set of acrylic paints 12 months after my husband bought them for my birthday.
Acrylic paints instantly provided me with the opportunity to paint a vibrant picture. I mainly use them like oil paints, allowing me to vary the texture and capture the brush and tool making marks.
N.B. Carol now lives in the far north of Scotland and with her husband, Chris They are having the most wonderful time. We hope that Carol will find time to paint but we also know that they are having so much fun in their new life that there now isn't so much time and that is as it should be.